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Sciatica is a common and frequent disease in daily life. So that more and more people are suffering from it. Sciatica is not an independent disease, but by a group of clinical syndrome caused by variety of diseases. So what is the treatment of sciatica? Let us follow ZhongBa Hospital pain doctors introduce.
What are the early symptoms of sciatica? What are sciatica treatment methods?

Sciatica Treatment in Lahore

Early Symptoms of Sciatica:

It is more common in middle-aged men, with more unilateral. From sudden onset, person first felt the lower back pain and waist stiffness. Or a few weeks before the onset, the person feels pain in lower limbs during walk and exercise. And then it gradually increases and develops into severe pain. Pain from the waist, buttocks or hips, descends along the back of the thigh, outside the calf and the dorsalis. On the basis of persistent pain there are waves of burning or pain acupuncture-like.  Pain becomes more serious at Night.

Dry Sciatica:

The onset of disease is different from the cause. Such as acute onset mostly caused by cold or trauma induced. Pain is often from the buttocks to the posterior, poster lateral and lateral foot radiation. Walking, activities and traction increases sciatic nerve pain.

Root Sciatica:

The most common lumbar disc herniation is often causes by force, bending or intense activity and other incentives. Its onset can be acute or sub-acute. Maybe some is chronic onset. Pain is often radiation from the waist to the side of the buttocks, thighs, popliteal fossa, calf lateral and foot. The symptoms are burning or knife-like pain. Cough and hard will exacerbate pain. Person feels pain even more at night. In order to avoid nerve traction, pressure, often take a special pain relief posture. Such as sleeping when lying to the contralateral, hip, knee flexion, standing on the contralateral side. It results in scoliosis. Sitting into the hip to the contralateral tilt, reduces the nerve root compression.

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Sciatica Treatment in Lahore

The current treatments of sciatica are the following methods:

Sciatica Treatment through Surgery:

Surgical treatment less implicate on sciatica. Only little sciatica such as bone changes and spinal canal tumors are caused by lumbar tuberculosis directly oppressive nerve. So other methods are invalid to treat them so one should be taken to surgery.

Minimally Invasive Treatment:

In this treatment laser technology is involved. It improves local blood circulation. It enhances metabolism and immune function, activation of cell proliferation and promotes bone regeneration and repair. The method is based on elimination of tissue adhesion, prevention of scar formation, to achieve the efficacy of treatment, which is one of the commonly methods. Minimally invasive sciatica treatment in Lahore is very popular.

Chinese Medicine Treatment:

Topical ointment, fumigation, medicine bath and other topical therapy have a good effect to relieve muscle spasms. It eliminates nerve edema and improves blood circulation. Traditional Chinese medicine can regulate the immune function of the body. But it also can promote endocrine correction of physiological activities of the deviation. Acupuncture and massage can eliminate and relieve pain effectively.

Above is the introduction about how to deal with sciatica, you can call ZhongBa Hospital medical line 03136368888 for any doubt.
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