Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is an autoimmune disease. It is mainly because of soreness on the joints or muscle. It has a high rate of damage. It will mostly cause joint deformity or disability if not treated timely. Then, what are the rheumatoid arthritis treatment methods? Let’s follow ZhongBa Hospital surgeon's detail instruction on its treatment.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment


Incidence of this type of arthritis is acute. Patient faces systemic fever, obvious swelling and pain. So if it is not treated timely, it will cause great harm to the body and mind. Late or delay treatment even leads to chronic one.

Routine Therapy for this disease is:

Physical Therapy Treatment:

Physical therapy is commonly used in rheumatoid arthritis treatment. In fact, physical therapy can paralyze the nerves to relieve the pain of patients. But it can't cure it effectively. Common physical therapies are: Electrotherapy, infrared radiation, hyperthermia and so on.

Closed Treatment:

The so-called closed therapy is also used for its treatment. In this method we use the closed needle to inject the drug into the spinal canal, to play a local anesthesia analgesic effect. But after the drug effect, the symptoms still appears, so this therapy cannot treat it properly.

Surgical Treatment:

This treatment is for fewer patients. Only a small number of patients are suitable for surgical treatment. Surgical treatment can improve the patient's joint function, but the cost is higher. Its trauma is relatively large. Its recovery period is long. Generally the physicians not advise patients for surgical treatment.

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