Acupuncture Therapy for Lumbar Muscle Strain

It is said that lumbar muscle strain is a more common lumbar disease. Morbidity will seriously affect the patient's daily life and work. Clinically we treat lumbar muscle strain with acupuncture. Let's follow the Physiotherapy Hospital pain doctor guide to understand the lumbar muscle strain of acupuncture therapy.
Acupuncture Therapy for Lumbar Muscle Strain
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Lumbar muscle strain refers to the injury of soft tissues such as lumbosacral muscles, fascia and ligamentous chronic injury. It results in local aseptic inflammation. It causes the waist buttocks side or both sides of the diffuse pain. The main symptom of Lumbar muscle strain is lumbar or lumbosacral recurrent pain. Pain can change with the climate or weakness, lingering unhealed. Patient feels tenderness widely on waist. Acute attack, a variety of symptoms were significantly increased, and may have muscle spasms, scoliosis and functional activity is limited.
1. Acupuncture to a SHI POINT: ShenYu, Zhi SHI, QI HAI Yu, MING MENG, YAO Yang Guan, CHI MIAO, WEI ZHONG. Cupping to stasis after the acupuncture is done on the waist points to stop pain. During the course of treatment follow this procedure for at least 10 days.
2. Ear acupuncture lumbosacral area, Shenmen area, kidney area can be a little difficult. The procedure of needles takes 10 minutes. You have to follow the treatment course every day. It can be continuous for 2-3 times.
Although acupuncture can be used to treat lumbar muscle strain, but still have to master some acupuncture contraindications relevant knowledge in order to avoid accidental injury on patient's body when treated by lumbar muscle strain acupuncture.
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