Hijama in Lahore by Chinese Pain Specialist

We will think of going to Hijama in Lahore (cupping) when we are tired from work. When our shoulder and back sore by the AC blowing, we will think of Hijama (cupping), try a variety of ways to lose weight but not work, we will think of Hijama (cupping). As a pot of ancient, long history Chinese medicine therapy, Hijama (cupping) is still widely used in disease prevention and health care in the modern life. From the theory of Chinese medicine, the disease is yin and yang of the body partial decline caused by the causative factors, the body air disorders, viscera and blood disorders. And the vacuum negative pressure produced by Hijama(cupping) is a strong pull power, when the power force on the meridian acupuncture points, can reduce the pores and make the skin congestion, so that the meridian and blood to clear, so that organs can be adjusted , to prevent and treat disease.

Disease Cured by Hijama in Lahore:

Hijama(Cupping) is most suitable for people suffering from these diseases: cold, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, diaphragmatic spasm, neurological vomiting, chronic gastritis, neurasthenia, neurasthenia, migraine, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, impotence, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder injury, sciatica, stiff neck, gynecological diseases, menopausal syndrome, acute tonsillitis, toothache, neurodermatitis, children with indigestion, pediatric diarrhea, enuresis and so on.

Diseases that Can’t Be Cured by Hijama:

Some people cannot do Hijama (cupping) because there are heart disease, blood disease, skin diseases, skin damage, mental or neurotic people, tuberculosis and various infectious diseases. Other conditions includes all kinds of fractures, extreme weakness, pregnant women, too full, hungry, too thirsty, drunk, etc., should be disabled or cautious to do Hijama(cupping) therapy.
Although the Hijama (cupping) can cure a lot of disease, but you'd better to consult a doctor to see whether your own situation is suitable for Hijama (cupping). In the hospital clinic, there are many patients burned from improper Hijama (cupping), even some people mistake burned as "pull out the moisture". Blisters cannot be regarded as normal, and should go to the hospital for dealing immediately.
If you are looking for Hijama center in Lahore I suggest you to visit our hospital. We have Chinese pain specialist Dr. Ruidong Zhang in our hospital for Hijama in Lahore. For more information and appointment you can live chat with us.

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