Neuropathic Headache Treatment and Symptoms

Neurological headache mainly refers to tension headache, functional headache and vascular neuropathic headache. It is mostly caused by mental stress and angriness. The main symptoms are persistent head muffled, oppressed and heavy feeling. Most patients are with headache on both sides. It is mostly for the two temporal, posterior occipital, overhead or head. Headache intensity is from mild to moderate. It is very rare that due to headache patient becomes bedridden or it affects the daily life. Some patients may have persistent headache for many years. Some patients even have symptoms from 10-20 years. The patient may face headache all day. Because of excitement, anger, insomnia, anxiety or depression and other factors headaches often intensified. There are also some patients, not only has the characteristics of muscle tension headache, but also the clinical manifestations of vascular headache, complained of dual temporal pulsatile headache. The clinical manifestations of vascular headache, known as mixed headache. Patients in this condition are with dizziness, irritability, anxiety, palpitation, shortness of breath, fear, tinnitus, insomnia, back pain, neck stiffness and other symptoms.
Neuropathic Headache Treatment and Symptoms

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"Comprehensive Physical Therapy" for Neuropathic Headache Treatment

"Comprehensive physical therapy for headache treatment" includes electro-acupuncture and moxibustion therapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy, electro-excitation therapy, meridian-ping treatment and massage therapy, etc. Generally the treatment course is of one month. After one month you can take medications at home. In chronic cases, like headache that lasts for 10-20 years, hospital treatment time needs to be extended. Patient needs continuous treatment for 2-3 months. The majority of patients can recover. During hospitalization we provide the comprehensive treatment with physiological treatment. Actually the disease is neuropsychiatric disease. Through psychological treatment we can achieve better results.

In the hospital environment, the psychiatrist can talk with the patient in detail, to explore the causes of disease and prevention and treatment measures. The patient and doctor can communicate with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Through this doctor can achieve better results. Following are some treatment procedures.

1.       Electro-acupuncture treatment
2.       Electric excitement treatment
3.       Meridian conduction level treatment
4.       Massage therapy
5.       Scraping, cupping therapy
6.       Bio-feedback therapy

Relaxation Therapy for Headache Treatment:

Relaxation therapy is adjuvant therapy of drug therapy. It enables people to relax their nerves to relax the anxiety of the treatment by subjective imagination and objective measures. Relaxation therapy is an important component of psychoactive therapy for anxiety reduction. It can significantly alleviate various neurological headaches, migraine, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and neurasthenia caused by mental factors.

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