Meet Zhong-Ba Hospital's Doctors

Zhongba hospital Doctors

Zhongba hospital in Lahore for the very first time brings Chinese doctors in Lahore. We treat all Gynecology, Andrology, Anorectal and Diabetes related issues with the help of Chinese Traditional medicines. We treat male and females infertility issues with the help of Chinese medicines. We have all staff of Chinese doctors and Pakistani doctors.

We have Chinese specialists Dr. Ruijun for Andrology Department and male Infertility Department.

We have female Chinese specialists Dr. Guofen for gynecology Department and female infertility department.

We have Chinese specialist Dr. Aizhu Wang for female Anorectal Department.

Wang Zhi

Peng YunXiang , chief physician Graduated from Beijing major medical, especially good at the anxious chronic prostatitis, urinary tract infection and the pathogenesis of a variety of sexually transmitted diseases has the thorough research, summed up


Liu Guofen

Guofen Liu is Chinese female Gynecology specialist. She has 40 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders with the help of Chinese medicines.


Liu ZeLi

Liu zeli, chief physician He was the director of surgery at Shanghai ruijin hospital and graduated from the medical department of lanzhou medical college. For more than ten years, engaged in general surgery clinical study in surgical expertise, deep


Sang mailin

Sang mailin, director of pain department in ZhongBa hospital Good at traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture for stroke hemiplegia, headache, cervical spondylosis, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, trigeminal neuralgia, dizziness, hypertension,


Liu Tongxiang

Liu Tongxiang is female Chinese Doctor. She has a vast experience in handling runtime complexities that occurs during operations in operation theater.


Wen Xue

Wen Xue is a Chinese B-mode ultrasonography Doctor. She has extensive experience in conducting examinations through ultrasonography.


Dr Mustansar Riaz Gondal

Dr Mustansar Riaz Gondal MBBS (University of Health Sciences Lahore) FCPS Surgery (College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan) He have 8 years of Experience.

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