Breast Disease Treatment in Lahore at Zhongba Hospital

Breast disease are very common in females and they sometimes cause pain, discharge and if goes seriously then it will convert into breast cancer. Breast disease are very difficult to be diagnosed. And it may be very serious once it is checked out. Breast disease causes great harm to women's health.
Following are the types of breast disorders:
  1. Breast Neoplasm.
  2. Fibrocystic Breast.
  3. Infections and Swellings on the breast.
  4. Irregular and abnormal nipple condition.
  5. Breast hyperplasia.
  6. Breast fibroids.
  7. Breast cancer.
  8. Discharge from Nipples.

1 Breast Hyperplasia:

Mostly breast disease are found in middle-aged women. There are many different sizes and irregular nodules, and the surrounding tissue boundaries unclear in the breast. Patients often feel breast pain and the symptoms of infections are increased before the menstrual period. Breast hyperplasia is a benign proliferation of breast stoma. Clinical characteristics of breast infection are breast lumps, pain, and irregular menstruation. Modern medical experts thought that this disease is related to endocrine disorders and ovarian dysfunction.

2 Breast Fibroids:

Breast fibroids are common breast tumors and more occurred on young women. And it related to high estrogen in the body, may occur on one or both sides of the breast. But it occurs on one side usually. The shape of lumps is oval or round, smooth surface, medium texture hardness. The boundaries of surrounding tissue are clear and no adhesion with skin and the mass is easy to be pushed. The treatment of the disease is surgical treatment, but mostly cannot be accepted by young women, because although surgery can remove local tumors but the body's endocrine disorders have not been corrected. And it is easy to repeat, and there comes a mark on the breast.

3 Breast Cancer:

The breast cancer is malignant tumors found in female’s breast. It’s a pain with the small tumor on early stage. The surface of the breast becomes hard and the surface becomes unsmooth. The boundaries of the tumor are unclear, can't to be move. At the early stage, there are no feelings and symptoms. Most of the patients unintentionally found this tumor. Breast cancer adhesion with the skin when mass increases. And local skin is depression and orange peel like. The nipple retraction when cancer invades the milk tube.
If Breast disease are not to be treated earlier then it will cause more trouble in women life and will cause great harm to the female body. If there is a discomfort symptom on breast we suggest you visit ZhongBa hospital for treatment. ZhongBa Hospital doctors solve all kinds of difficult problems for women. They have Chinese female gynecologist in their hospital. She has more than 30 years of experience in treating gynecological disorder. She treats with the help of Chinese herbal medicines.

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